Romantic getaways only a bicycle away.

Looking for a fun and romantic way to get around Savannah? Why not hop on a bike and cycle around the streets and squares of Savanna and witness firsthand its 2.5 square mile History District or around Tybee Island for a fast paced energy rush.

There are those who prefer to appreciate the vintage and timeless beauty of Savannah lounging at the back of a historic trolley. How about stoping by Motorini and trading those four wheeled-trolleys into two wheels?  Cycling is not only scenic – it is the most efficient way to see the City as well! Plus, the way the city was structured, with all the bike lanes and locals familiar in sharing the road with cyclists, makes one’s bike ride even more appealing.  Thanks to bicycling advocate, James Oglethorpe, who 225 years ago designed Savannah’s city plan with a grid of streets punctuated by small parks called squares, each surrounded by a compact neighborhood unit called a ward in 1733. The city’s squares not only make Savannah one of the most beautiful cities in North America, they also have a traffic calming effect. Add to that the county’s flat terrain and moderate climate all year round, the outcome is an admirably cycle-friendly and “bikeable”city.

As you bike along the downtown streets, you will often find yourself sharing the cobbled lane with other cyclists, cars, motor scooters, tourist trolleys, delivery trucks, segways, pedicabs, even horse-drawn carriages and fifteen-seated pedal bicycle tour called the Savannah Slow Ride! This varied assembly of vehicles creates an unhurried pace of traffic, allowing cyclists to comfortably paddle and blend in with the flow. Want to stop by some coffee shop and take a cycle break? Well, the squares connect efficiently different historic homes, shops, cafés, landmarks, museums, schools, parks to green spaces, creating now a flourishing tapestry that now comprises the city of Savannah.

We can’t wait for you to visit.

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